A Critical Note on the Cerebellum Blog’s Health Interventions

The purpose of this blog is to stress the importance of considering individual factors and contextual circumstances by which methods presented on my blogs for improving mental health are utilized. That is to say, although I do my best to ensure all health interventions I share have undergone sound empirical investigation, this does not necessarily mean that they can be applied to all persons cross-situationally. It is my hope that you are able to take a critical approach in exercising these presented self-help techniques in your daily life.

Cerebellum’s mental health interventions can be practical to many but not all populations. Many are mental illness prevention techniques that can be used for healthy individuals. For clinical and subclinical populations, most of these interventions can be used in conjunction to biomedical and psychotherapy; they should not seek to completely replace these treatments. Furthermore, most interventions require a certain level of cognitive functioning to be effective. For instance, an individual whom is experiencing severe depression will most likely not be able to gratitude journal their way to healing alone. Likewise, asking an extremely anxious individual to simply work on their breathing is not only ignorant but counterproductive. Pushing these types of interventions on exceptionally ill populations can be cruel and makes the assumption that their debilitating disease is the fault of their own laziness.

Perfection in exercising these interventions should never be the goal. These techniques are meant to alleviate suffering, not to provide another means to be self-critical. I do not wish to send an underlying message of “you are not happy enough, mindful enough, grateful enough, spiritual enough” etc. Positive self-growth is and always will be a process with no end point. Moreover, it is important to take what works and leave what doesn’t. Be gentle with yourself, and incorporate what you are capable of at your own practical pace.

I wish for my blog to benefit the well-being of yourself and others in a useful way, and I hope that this note will help facilitate this goal. Thank you for your continued readership and I wish you all the best on your healing journeys.