Meditation is the practice of consciously focusing your attention on a deliberately chosen object or intention. From a mental health perspective, meditation can have a vast array of positive health outcomes, including improved cognitive function, emotion-regulation, sleep quality, and mind-body awareness. For tips on how to practice, check out Cerebellum’s Meditation FAQ and the recorded guides below!

Anapanasati – Focussed attention meditation on the breath | 22 minutes

Body Scan – Feeling body sensations with curiosity, openness, and acceptance | 25 minutes

Open Monitoring – Practicing non-judgmental awareness of moment-to-moment arising sensory information | 20 minutes

Mindful Eating – Learning to savor meals while building body awareness of emotions and satiety signals | 25 minutes

Yoga Nidra (Short Sampler) – “Yogic sleeping” practice | 15 minutes